7 Tips to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Winter months are fast approaching. Along with colder weather, higher energy bills are part of the change of the seasons. You can expect 40% to 50% of your energy bills to go towards keeping your home comfortable when it's cold outside. Being able to heat your home...

Four Tips to Prevent Plumbing Leaks at Home

Most homeowners will need to contend with at least a few plumbing leaks over the years. Fortunately, many leaks are quickly identified and repaired before significant home damage occurs. However, there are also many instances when homeowners are not so lucky. A major...

4 Methods for Preparing Your Home For Fall

Preparing Your Home For Fall Is Wise Summer is winding down and fall is fast approaching. Some areas of the country will face more severe winter weather than others, but most all of us will experience cooling temperatures. In order to get ready for these cooler days,...

Save Water During Summer With These Tips

Even if you don't live in a drought-prone area, saving water is a good way to conserve and be kind to the planet. Plus, unless you have a well on your property, your water bill reflects how much water you use, and we tend to use the most water over the hot summer...

4 Steps to Managing Risks of Radon in the Home

1. Identifying the Risks of Radon The EPA has made an association between lung cancer rates and radon levels indoors. The product of the breakdown of uranium in the earth and groundwater, radon is a radioactive gas that may exist in homes throughout the United States....

The 4 L’s to Buying Your First Home

Buying a home is fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. There are many ins and outs to understand. Trying to comprehend everything at one time is easier when it's broken down into sections. There are the 4 L's to remember: the land, the layout, the...

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